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Sister Gertrude Morgan was a New Orleans painter, poet and street evangelist, whose spirituality inspired a body of work almost mythic in its proportions. In 1969, Preservation Hall recorded Sister Gertrude singing fourteen gospel songs in the Prayer Room of her Ninth Ward home, The Everlasting Gospel Mission, accompanied only by her stomping foot and tambourine.

That album, Let's Make a Record, fell into obscurity until 2004, when Philadelphia DJ King Britt reissued it with new beats and instrumentation. Here, for the occasion of Six of Saturns and for the first time on vinyl, Vinyl Me, Please and Ace Hotel — together with the Preservation Hall Foundation and Ropeadope Records — have debuted a collector's edition double LP including King Britt presents Sister Gertrude Morgan, paired with the Preservation Hall Foundation's recording of Let's Make a Record, half-speed remastered and mixed for mono at Alchemy Studio in London, UK.

All proceeds benefit The Preservation Hall Foundation.

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