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For your average band, it can be hard to pin down a specific manifesto that the group believes in. It’s especially difficult when they’re also new to the music game, young, and still trying to find themselves. But for the new and upcoming indie rock group Naked Giants, their ideology is quite simple: make as much noise as possible (and get super sweaty doing it). This group of friends play and create music with this common belief in mind, allowing them to experiment with new sounds organically. Henry LaVallee, Gianni Aiello, and Grant Mullen formed Naked Giants back in 2015, with SLUFF as their second album. SLUFF embodies the marriage between deeper meaning and simply wanting to have fun. The album is reminiscent of 1960s/70s spacey harmonies and riffs, but also has the bite of punk rock undertones. SLUFF draws from a culmination of the band’s inspirations, which seems risky, but results in a totally cohesive record.


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